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The staff at this nursing home provided my mother with compassionate care and loving attention during the last few months of her life. I will be forever grateful to the people who took care of her and our family as well. The nurses were very empathetic to our needs and understanding of the grief that we were experiencing at that time. The nursing director, was awesome! She made it a point to visit with us everyday to ask us if there was something she can help us with, even ordering complimentary food from the kitchen and coffee and cookies for our family when we virtually camped out at Park West during the last few days of Mother’s life. We will never forget her kindness. No wonder the staff provide great care, they take their cue from her. I highly recommend this nursing home!

Janice S


Park West staff always has a smile for you and they make contact with you when you come in. They ask how you are and ask about my husband.

Eleanor B


All of the employees here should be on the exceptional list for the amount of the work they do but also their personality and friendliness with all they deal with. All residents input is listened to by management.

Jim B


The therapy staff inspired me in a way that I felt they really wanted to help me so I personally thought about how I could integrate back into the society. I made many changes in my personality and my outlook because I felt that I could get the maximum benefits that were being offered to me. This coupled with the unbelievable kindness of the staff and especially the aides who work with us directly. They always do their best to satisfy our wishes and needs, and they do this in a very kind and gentle way.”

Pat B


Since we live in West Seattle, and wanted to be close to my mother, we toured the places in West Seattle, and Park West was our clear choice. The staff at Park West are very attentive, caring, and respond quickly to any concerns that my mother or I might have.

Dee M


There are a lot of talented nurses, CNA’s, doctors, secretaries and therapists. It is very clean and well maintained, good nourishing, very tasty food. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for quality care.

Muriel S